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Rated voltage and frequency

Single-phase 220V, three-phase 220V,

three-phase 380V; 50Hz/60Hz

Variable allowable value

Voltage: -20% +20

Voltage unbalance: <3% Frequency: ±5


Rated voltage

0200V /0380V

Frequency range


Overload capability

150% for 1 min, 180% for 1s, 200% instant protection

Main control function

Control mode

Space voltage vector PWM control ;

Sensorless vector control (SVC)

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: Max frequency ×±0. 01%

Analog setting: Max frequency ×±0. 2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz

Analog setting: Max frequency ×0.1%

Torque rise

Auto torque rise, manual torque rise 10.0%

V/F curve

Three ways Linear V/F curve, square V/F curve, user self-defining V/F curve

Acceleration/deceleration curve

Optional time unit (Min/s), the longest: 6000s (settable in the range of 0.13600s).

DC braking

Be optional during both starting and stopping, the operating frequency: 020Hz,operating voltage level: 020%,operating time: settable within 020s


Jogging frequency range: 0.1Hz50.00Hz,jogging acceleration and deceleration time: 0.13600s.

Built-in PID

It is convenient for forming closed loop control system, applicable for course control like pressure and flow, etc.

Multi-speed operating

Realize multi-speed running by built-in PLC or control terminal.

Weaving wobble frequency

Can get wobble frequency of adjustable central frequency

Auto voltage adjustment

When main voltage changes, the output voltage may be kept constant by adjusting PWM output (AVR function).

Auto energy-saving running

According to load condition, V/F curve can be optimized automatically to get the aim of energy-saving running.

Auto current limiting

Limit in-service current automatically, so as to avoid tripping for fault caused by frequent over current.

Sensorless vector control

Torsion characteristic

150% output of torque at 1Hz, rev accuracy: 0.1%

Motor parameters automatic read

Reading the parameters from motor when completely stop in order to achieve optimal controlling effect.

Running function

Running command passage

Setting of operating manual; setting of control terminal; setting of serial port; switching by three ways



EASYDRIVE 350kW- nhà máy cán thép

EASYDRIVE 350kW- nhà máy cán thép

EASYDRIVE 110kW- nhà máy nước đá


EASYDRIVE 500kW- Dự Án San Lấp Campuchia


EASYDRIVE 630kW-Dự Án San Lấp Mặt Bằng SamSung


Kho chứa EasyDrive 0,75Kw - 2,2Kw

EasyDrive 250Kw - Bơm cát Long Xuyên

EasyDrive 400Kw - Tapey(Cambodia)

Kho Biến Tần EasyDrive 0.75Kw - 400Kw

Biến tần EasyDrive 0.75Kw - 400Kw : Hàng luôn có trong kho, quý khách có thể đặt hàng bất cứ lúc nào.

Biến tần EasyDrive 200Kw - Xưởng nước đá tinh khiết

Biến tần EasyDrive 250Kw - Nhà máy bột mì Tây Ninh

EasyDrive 0.75 - 1.5 Kw 220V

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